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Visit the parts of London with history and interest that often get missed -  see the 'Hidden Gems'

There are many historical and interesting parts of London, some of them rather quirky, some of them very different, but many of them overlooked by London tour guides. Taxi Guides of London will show you all the parts of London that you will never get to see on an open top bus tour of London. If you want something different that you won't get on other tour of London then come to us and we can show you all of the Hidden Gems around town. Below is just a very small selection of some of the quirky spots that we can take you to:

see the hidden gems in London

A Rebus tells the story of the Earl of Shaftesbury 1st statue in the world to be cast in Aluminium

Cannon in The Tower of London

Gargoyle Westminster good story behind them

Hook to put police mans cape on Great Newport st W1

Queen Mothers Gates Hyde Park

The Watergate Victoria Embankment this is where the Thames came up to for access to the Strand

Top of the Monument which marks the Great Fire of London

Wren built pub with his office on top to see progress on St Paul's being built

Old London cab shelter for cabbies only listed building only a few remain