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The Magical Harry Potter Tour

Come and see some of your favourite Harry Potter locations in the comfort of a London Taxi.

Why not be taken personally to some of the hard to find locations where the Harry Potter films were shot relive your favourite scenes in the films.

Discover the actual places where Harry, Hermione and Ron went on their adventures, Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron, Gringotts Bank and plenty more of London's iconic places on your tour, come and enjoy our Magical Harry Potter Tour.

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Diagon Alley (Bulls Head Passage)
This is where Harry went with Hogwarts Games Keeper and long-time friend- Hagrid to buy his very first wand, and were Hagrid bought for him his pet Owl, Hedwig. Diagon Alley is also were the famous and well loved Weasley and Weasley Joke shop is located.
Sirius Blacks House (Myddleton Square)
The Black’s family home, and secret Headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix, the army that was appointed to fight Voldermort and his death eaters by Dumbledore himself. Also where Ron, Harry and Hermione hid out when they first started their hunt for Horcruxes.
London Zoo (The Reptile House)
This is where the infamous Dursely’s (Harry’s Aunt and Uncle) took their son Dudley for his Birthday, this is when Harry first discovered he was ‘different’ from everyone else, and where he found out he had the rare gift of speaking ‘Parcel Tongue’ (someone who can communicate with Snakes).
London Phone Box (Whitehall)
The famous entrance to where Harry and Arthur Weasley gain entry into The Ministry of Magic, this is were Harry was put on trial for practising ‘Underage Magic’ when casting the ‘patronus’ charm when we was attached by Dementors earlier that summer.
Gringotts Bank (Australia House)
This is where Harry’s fortune left to him by his parents is kept safe, as well as being the home to the Philosophers Stone (the stone that offers you the elixir of life and will reward you with immortality), and were Harry, Ron and Hermione famously broke in to Bellatrix Le Strange’s volt in order to destroy one of the Horcurxes, where they then went on to dramatically escape on the back of a Dragon through the Banks roof.
Platform 9 3/4 (Kings Cross Station)
The most famous platform in London, were Harry and his friends (and sometimes enemies) boarded the Hogwarts Express, to start his journey in the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where he met best friends Ron and Hermione, and where he would later wave off his own children, to take their first steps on their own magical journey to Hogwarts. A true highlight on our Harry Potter Tour.
Leakey Couldron, Diagon Alley (Bulls Head Passage)
The famous pub were Harry and his friends stayed on numerous occasions before the new school term began, or to enjoy a butter beer after a long hard day shopping for school provisions.
The Millenium Bridge (River Thames)
This bridge was famously destroyed in the Order of the Phoenix by Lord Voldermort’s Death Eaters to mark the Dark Lord’s return to power.
Westminster Station (Westminster)
Were Harry met Arthur Weasley on the morning of his Trial at the Ministry of Magic, this is the first time Arthur Weasley has ever used public ‘muggle’ transport.
Piccadilly Circus (Central London)
The location were Harry, Ron and Hermione apparated in order to escape from the Death Eaters at Ron’s Brother Charlie and his Bride Fluers wedding, this is also when they decided to search and destroy Horcurxes instead of returning to Hogwarts.
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