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Taxi Guides of London provide guided tours of London in a black cab  -  we've got 'The Knowledge'

All of our black-cab tour guides have extensive knowledge of all the popular London tourist attractions and also all of the hidden gems that are often missed by tourists, but will give you real interest and history of this great city.

  • take a guided tour of Tower Bridgewe give guided tours during the daytime and guided tours by night
  • see The Household Cavalryyour guided tour of London can include popular attractions like The Household Cavalry
  • guided tours of The Tower of LondonTake a guided tour of London and see The Crown Jewels at The Tower of London
  • guided tours of Buckingham Palacea guided tour of Buckingham Palace can include seeing the Life Guards on duty
  • Night time tours of LondonThe London Eye is stunning at night time
  • Guided Tour companies in Londonthere's no better way to see London than with a proper tour guide
  • The National Gallerysee famous works of art from all over the world
  • guided tours of The Houses of Parlimentvisit the place where politicians run the country
  • popular tourist attractionsour London tour guides can show you all the popular tourist attractions
guided tours of London Bridge4 The Household Cavalry9 The Tower of London and The Crown Jewels2 guided tours of Buckingham Palace1 guided tours of London at night5 Guided Tours of London6 tours of The National Gallery7 tours of The Houses of Parliment3 tours of Picadilly Circus8
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The British Monarchy..

London is rich in history and its Kings and Queens, Dukes, Earls, Lords and Ladies you will find evidence of them in every part of london where you look. From the first King William 1 in 1027 to present day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, let us show you the connections to them for yourselves in London.

Piccadilly Circus..

Eros (god of love) as he is mostly known dominates the centre of the drinking fountain actually the "first " Aluminium statue in the world and real name Angel of Christian Charity, erected in 1893 in memory of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury we tell you the story of Alfred Gilbert's famous memorial.

Night Tours..

See London from a different aspect, why not try a night tour! see all the beautiful buildings lit up to great effect, see the Embankment, London Eye, Harrods take in the Christmas lights that appear in November, December time.

Tower Bridge..

It is not as old as it looks built in the 1800s the first stone was laid by The Prince of Wales in 1886, built by Sir Horace Jones and John Wolf Barry a steel frame construction with Brown Granite cladding to match The Tower of London it was also the first Bascule Bridge in the World (bascule in French is See saw).

London Bridge..

A crossing was first built by the Romans around AD 100 on the stretch of River Thames and has been used in this area ever since several bridges have been built at this spot one was even shipped to the Arizona Desert in America, houses, shops and even a Chapel adorned Old London Bridge modern day London Bridge is a commuters necessity to get to the City of London.

National Gallery..

Houses paintings from the 13th century to the 20 century founded in 1824 with just 38 pictures now home to some of the worlds most beautiful paintings.

Houses of Parliament..

Or the Palace of Westminster as it was known built by Edward the Confessor in 1066 and remained the residence of Kings and Queens for the next 400 years, today home to Members of Parliament, see the newly renamed Queen Elizabeth the II Tower that houses the great Bell Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace..

Originally started out as a private house of the Duke of Buckingham in 1702 after much money being spent and many additions to the original house have transformed it into what you can see today. The Changing of the Guards takes place at 11-30 am daily.

Classic Tours

Visit classic tourist attractions in London.

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Hidden Gems

See the often missed gems in London City.

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